Gymnema Tea

Every company nowadays seems to have some “miracle” weight loss plan. From pills to shakes, each method brings with it questionable ingredients, and, in most cases, lackluster results. However, these methods and strategies all miss the point. Fixated on weight loss instead of a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, many health companies are concerned with quick results instead of long-term prosperity. When looking to obtain a healthier lifestyle, balance is key. Enter gymnema, an herb with uncanny abilities regarding sugar and overall health.

A woody climbing plant indigenous to the tropical forests of India, gymnema can be steeped into an herbal tea that helps to combat against sugar and hunger, as well as a slew of other effects. A unique tea that can help attain balance throughout the body, gymnema tea has something to offer for everyone.

Reduce Sugar Intake

With all of the unhealthy additives sometimes included in processed food, the struggle to stay clear of sugar is an everyday battle. Excessive sugar intake can lead to rapid weight gain, resulting in other health conditions linked to obesity. Drinking gymnema tea can actually help to reduce both the craving for and amount of sugar a person eats. Gymnema contains saponins known as gymnemic acids, sweetness inhibitors that can reduce the taste of sugar in the mouth. This temporary reduction in sweetness works with both artificial and natural sweeteners, making gymnema tea a great way to squash a sugar craving.


Block Sugar Absorption

Gymnemic acids also help to block sugar within the body. In scientific studies rats given gymnema tea experienced a reduction in sugar absorption during digestion. This effect is attributed to the fact that gymnemic acids act in a similar manner to glucose, and have almost the same effect within the intestines. When entering intestinal receptors, gymnemic acids may lock out glucose, helping to prevent sugar from being absorbed. This makes gymnema tea useful for possibly balancing blood sugar levels as well as lessening the amount of sugar the body stores as fat.


Diabetic Relief

Gymnema has historically found use for managing symptoms of diabetes. The ability to help against the symptoms of diabetes comes from gymnema tea’s balancing of blood sugar levels, as well as positively affecting the production of insulin. Studies have shown that gymnema tea may support the regeneration of pancreatic cells. Insulin, which is produced in the pancreas, is more easily created as a result.



In order to prepare your very own glass of gymnema tea, take one tea bag and steep it into a cup of warm water for 6 to 8 minutes. Drink the tea as is, enjoying the woody flavor. Gymnema is a unique tea in that adding honey or sugar would be somewhat pointless. The tea’s ability to block your tongue’s sweetness receptors will become immediately evident if you attempt to eat/drink sugar immediately after you finish your cup.



While extremely helpful for some, gymnema tea is not for everyone. Those with hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels should not drink gymnema tea. If currently on prescribed medications, a doctor or qualified healthcare professional should be consulted prior to starting a regimen.


More Tea, Less Problems

Gymnema stands as a shining example of the amazing things that tea can do for your body. Through its potential ability to help control blood sugar levels and reduce sugar cravings, gymnema is sure to delight from the very first cup and onwards. When looking into the best options for purchasing herbal teas, look first to Buddha Teas. With a philosophy that promotes environmental sustainability and quality, Buddha Teas has a wide range of teas that contain no fillers, additives, or preservatives. Buddha Teas’ tea bags are never bleached, making a cup of tea free of harmful chemicals that other teas include in their herbal selections. Made by the tea drinker, for the tea drinker, try a cup of Buddha Teas’ gymnema tea and take your place among the enlightened!