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Gymnema Tea is a medicinal herb that is reinforced by lengthy studies that suggest numerous health benefits. The herb is East Indian in origin, and is a climbing plant perhaps similar in some respects to ivies, and it’s found natively in tropical forests across India. The herbal treatments created by gymnema were historically utilized by Indians through picking the leaves of the plant and drying or crushing them, and then preparing a tea or tonic. While gymnema sylvestre had been used for years in traditional medicine, it wasn’t until recent years that the properties of the plant became more popular in Western culture, and adopted into our alternative health practices.

The gymnema tea is prepared by steeping crushed leaves alongside green tea leaves in a strainer, with about 8oz of water. The medicinal benefits of the tea have been studied by the University of Michigan Health System and the most widely known usage is the treatment of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes as the hypoglycemic action of the herb directly treats blood sugar levels. Other less well-known treatments include constipation, liver disease, water retention, and gastric problems. Many of these benefits could be attributed to the anti inflammatory properties of the leaf.

Another interesting benefit of gymnema is the ability for the leaf to desensitize the taste buds to sugar. Naturally, this benefit goes hand-in-hand with the other blood sugar controlling aspects of the plant that further helps to regulate diabetic conditions, as well as the potential ability for the plant to actually help produce the hormone insulin. However, research about these properties of the herb has not yet fully determined their validity, and so the herb should not be used as a type of replacement to traditional diabetic therapies. In addition, to maximize the benefit of gymnema tea it should be consumed regularly, in the amount of at least 2 cups per day.

Gymnema tea may also be part of a colonic cleansing diet. Gymnema sylvestre extract contains gurmenic acid that, among other properties listed previously, also assists with digestion, hypoglycemia, obesity, high cholesterol levels as well as other digestion related problems. Therefore, it has a strong active effect on your body’s metabolism and could assist with an overall detoxification process. Speak to a natural health expert for more information about utilizing the gymnema plant as part of a detoxification regimen, and in addition, speak to a doctor before consuming large amounts of the herb, as it may have certain side effects if mixed with medications.

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