Gymnema Tea Benefits - Health Effects of Gymnema

Gymnema Sylvestre is an East Indian growing plant that is found in the tropical regions of India, and the leaves of this plant have an ancient history that dates back centuries, with Indians cultivating the leaves for the preparation of various types of traditional remedies. Today, the gymnema leaf is utilized in various medicines, especially with the treatment of blood sugar levels and assisting in the treatment of diabetic conditions. Traditionally, the leaf is prepared as an extract and used in tonics and tinctures in folk medicine, but more commonly it is now drank as a tea. Gymnema tea benefits are numerous and studies seem to show increasing support for the herb’s medicinal usage.

The active ingredient of the gymnema leaf is gurmenic acid. The properties of this acid are numerous, especially related to hypoglycemic conditions. Studies by the University of Michigan Health System have shown gymnema tea benefits diabetic patients in the regulation of insulin levels. Apparently, the leaf may actually help the body produce the insulin hormone naturally, while also helping to regulate blood sugar levels. Another and somewhat peculiar benefit of the herb is how studies have shown that it desensitizes the taste buds to sugar. This is important for patients with blood sugar related disorders who need to consume less sugary products.

Other gymnema tea benefits include reportedly a variety of gastrointestinal benefits, the regulation of cholesterol levels, and various other anti-inflammatory properties that are highly therapeutic. However, not all of these benefits have been fully confirmed, and the tea should be approached with a level of caution, especially if mixing gymnema usage with medications already designed to treat these ailments. Speak to your doctor or a nutritionist for more information about potential dangers of mixing herbal medicines with conventional medicines, including what types of side effects to expect.

Gymnema tea benefits are clearly varied, with an emphasis on blood sugar levels. However, the gastrointestinal benefits also make gymnema a common ingredient in colonic cleansing mixtures, as well—with the tea’s anti-inflammatory properties potentially used to help flush out toxins. The ability for the tea to lessen the taste of sugar could also be implemented as part of a long-term dietary plan that involves cutting back on calories and fatty foods. Finally, gymnema also has anti-atherosclerotic benefits that may reduce plaque buildup on the walls of the arteries, making this a potentially life-saving ingredient for one’s internal health.

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