The Benefits of Gymnema Tea

Take out a pot, put some leaves in it, and add some hot water. A cup of tea is a funny thing, as a seemingly simple task like steeping leaves in hot water actually yields a soothing beverage with incredible health benefits. Tea serves many roles, from medicine to a way to relax in the evening. Part of the fun of choosing a cup of tea can come from learning all about what that particular herb can do for you. Gymnema tea, an herbal beverage made from the gymnema sylvestre plant, has several benefits that can help you to obtain a healthier lifestyle.


Powerful Gymnemic Acids

Gymnema tea contains powerful components that can help people to eat healthier. Saponins within gymnema tea known as gymnemic acids possess anti-diabetic and ant-inflammatory properties. Gymnemic acids have the ability to help with regulating diet, as well as to help with cravings.


Reduce Sugar Cravings

The gymnemic acids within gymnema tea can actually act as sweetness inhibitors. After drinking gymnema tea, the taste both regular and artificial sugars is weakened, making them less desirable. Though temporary, this effect can help to resist unhealthy snacks.


Block Sugar Absorption

The saponins within gymnema tea have been found to have possible sugar blocking characteristics. Gymnemic acids share structural similarities to glucose, and behave analogously within the intestines. Through the process of entering intestinal receptors, gymnemic acids can essentially block out glucose, possibly reducing the amount of sugar that gets stored as fat.


Naturally Supports Diabetics

People with diabetes would do well to drink gymnema tea. The tea has historically been used as an aid for balancing blood sugar levels, a characteristic owed once again to its gymnemic acids. The saponins in gymnema tea may help to regulate blood sugar levels, possibly helping diabetics before medication is even taken. Scientific studies have shown that gymnema may actually help pancreatic cells regenerate at a greater rate, encouraging increased insulin production.


Encourages Weight Loss

The sugar blocking abilities of gymnema tea may help to prevent the majority of glucose from getting to fat cells, effectively reducing the amount of sugar that can be stored as fat. By reducing the intake of glucose to fat cells, gymnema can help to manage weight when included as part of a balanced diet and regular exercise. Additionally, the blocking of sweetness receptors can reduce the craving for food, lowering the urge to overeat and snack. In clinical studies, people who drank gymnema one hour prior to being offered food ate less than participants who had not had any of the tea.


Balance is Key

When choosing which kind of tea to drink, it’s important to consider how that tea will fit into your current lifestyle and how it will benefit your body should you start a regimen. Gymnema may as well be called the tea of equilibrium, as its natural properties seem determined to help the body by limiting the harmful effects of sugar and promoting balance. Try a cup of gymnema tea today, and discover a new way of finding harmony in your life.